Alabama Senator Katie Britt Gave The GOP Response To The State Of The Union, It Didn't Go Well At All

Alabama Senator Katie Britt Gave The GOP Response To The State Of The Union, It Didn't Go Well At All
Whipping back and forth between forced cheerfulness and outright rage about topics like immigration, this didn't land the way the Republicans wanted it to.
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Even the New York Times had to note how unhinged her performance was. This didn't go over the way she wanted.



  1. Zeetop 1 month ago

    Oh please. If that were AOC y'all be sucking her toes.

  2. jamie berger 2 months ago

    Gosh, Bob, you don’t seem to “love it at all.”

  3. Barbara Ocain 2 months ago

    Well this is just embarrassing. And I’m a Republican! Is she on drugs or something? Perkiness and jewelry do not play well when delivering life altering messages. Try again next year - oh wait, there won’t be a next year for you.

  4. First Last 2 months ago

    CNN, CNBC, Politico, the Washington Post and now the New York Times are all now reporting she lied about the border story:

    1. First Last 2 months ago

  5. marburger 2 months ago

    I love how President Biden gave a fiery state of the union speech, warning that we are at risk of losing our Democracy and the Republican response is to remind everyone that a woman's place is in the kitchen.

    This November America must choose between Democracy and Fascism.

  6. James O'Rourke 2 months ago

    The thing about Digg is that it's supposed to be staffed by folks with a background in journalism, but instead employs a bunch of people who are partisans. It's kind of fun, right? Because we get to rightfully see how the rebuttle is awkward (it always is no matter who gives it), but in this case, because the president is a Democrat and 30 years past his prime, we don't get to see any accurate reaction to speech (which ought to be, you know, the actual news)... Instead, we see the Digg headline about MTG and Katie Britt ... meanwhile, the emperor has no clothes. It really is all kind of funny.... until it isn't! LOL
    People aren't stupid. :)

    1. marburger 2 months ago

      I'd like to offer a rebuttal to the comment above.
      1. This is not a news site and far from journalism. It's strictly for amusement and wasting time. No one should assume anything here is true (this applies to nearly every site on the internet and all social media sites).
      2. 85 is the new 55
      3. On average, people are very stupid. Just look at how many people believe the orange tinted fraudster.

  7. Just Some Guy 2 months ago

    Republicans are pathetic. If you don't want to be pathetic by association, don't support them. Freaks.

  8. Joel DeWitt 2 months ago

    Whatever drugs this chick was on, I want some.

    1. Sevan 2 months ago

      Yeah...that would be nice, but unfortunately it's all just from natural stupidity.

  9. Sevan 2 months ago

    Is this woman the best the GOP could come up with for a response??

    My God she was just TERRIBLE !!

    Proving that the GOP is now the Government Of the PATHETIC !!!

  10. Calvin IDEAL 2 months ago


    1. Calvin IDEAL 2 months ago


  11. Jeff Levy 2 months ago

    The christ would have some issue with the karats this lady has around her throat.

    My wife wondered if Weseley's ball gag was festooned with diamonds, too.

  12. Tfc Lavelle 2 months ago

    Between all the grit-toothed pressured speech, the near-hysterics and her physical "hurky-jerking", it's almost as if -the moment she's finished- nice men in white jackets will put her "jacket" back on with a sedative syringe at the ready.
    - Serioiusly, that brand of delivery may work on a podium with crowds (how she won the senate). But up close, live on camera? That shit don't play. Failings are revealed. I am actually embarrassed for her. We can only hope that she lot of family & supporters who are as blind to how badly this went over as she must be. God bless America, huh?

  13. S Y 2 months ago

    No article on how poorly Biden's speech went though....

    1. Just Some Guy 2 months ago

      Probably because it looked like the fucking Gettysberg address compared to anything freak Republicans can conjure up.

    2. Sevan 2 months ago

      Because, it went very well, you idiot !

    3. Colonel Angus 2 months ago

      haha, im laughing at you

    4. Juan Denzer 2 months ago

      Here you go. Fox News is here to comfort you and hide you from reality

    5. Tfc Lavelle 2 months ago

      Guess not, since after all, he was on fire and he totally nailed it.

  14. ag berumen 2 months ago

    I am a mom too and I also could not relate to her either. Yes, I have felt the inflation as well, but I have also been paid more the last 3 years in my life. I recognize we have problems with immigration but I also see these folks also wanting the dream I want for my family. A safe place to live, no threat to have my daughter pulled into trafficking, and a job I can work hard at and make a living at. It upsets me that she kept saying I see you because if we were on the street she would look right past me because I am not a soccer mom like her. I am a hard worker unseen in the shadows. That will not vote for a party anymore that has become so corrupt the leaders are being sent to jail and prison in droves. Why is it that the place we have come to in America is picking the least bad of the candidates is this the best we can offer voters?

    1. Diva1Midnight 2 months ago

      Well said/typed.
      The GQP 'personal freedoms' is a 'Wait. What?!' If we had personal freedoms, there wouldn't be banned books, killing DEI programs, whitewashing history and ending minority history courses, stopping drag queens from reading in libraries, telling girls and women, that you don't have control over your health care.
      If you don't want these personal choices, then fine. It shouldn't be up to the government to tell you want you can't do as an adult or what you want for your children. Except vaccinations. We all need those to live healthily lives.

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