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Cotopaxi Is Climate Neutral Certified

We took responsibility of our carbon emissions, and did something about them.

Climate Neutral Cerftified

What does Climate Neutral Certified mean?

Climate Neutral (CN) is a nonprofit organization that assists brands in measuring their carbon footprint and becoming 100% carbon neutral. With CN's help, we've undergone the process of measuring our carbon footprint and working to offset those emissions.

How we got to net-zero
Climate Graph

We Measured

CN has a three-step process for certification. The first step? Creating a solid estimate of our carbon emissions across every aspect of our business. Cotopaxi’s total carbon footprint is 3,311 tCO2e (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent). Consult the diagram to the left for a full breakdown of our contributors.

Total tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent for offsetting: 3,311 tCO2e

Climate offset
Inner Mongolia Wu'erqihan IFM Project

We Offset

After measuring our emissions, we worked with CarbonFund and BEF to purchase carbon offsets from verified and vetted offsetting projects. By purchasing a carbon credit, one tonne of carbon is removed or avoided from entering the atmosphere. When we purchase the same amount of carbon credits to equal our total C02 calculated footprint, we become carbon neutral.

Examples of carbon offsetting projects we purchase carbon credits from:

  • Los Eucaliptos Afforestation Project (Uruguay)
  • Inner Mongolia Wu'erqihan IFM Project (Mongolia)
  • Tribal Renewable Energy Stacked Offsets (USA)
Cotopaxi product designer, Ben Doxey, discusses process with a factory partner

We Reduced

In 2020, we worked toward implementing a comprehensive plan to have 100% of our product line be made of non-virgin and responsible materials. We're also working towards eliminating single-use plastics by 2022.

Focus areas of reduction:

Purchased Materials and Packaging

Learn more about Climate Neutral at: