Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Service
Are you stressed to handle of your e-commerce photo editing? Our clipping path services will help you to grow your every clipping path project.

Our capacity to process 5000+ images every day, comes with unlimited revisions with satisfactory guarantee. Our revision work will done till your satisfaction. We are focusing on quality, and quick turnaround.

Infotecsourz could be your best choice among a crowded marketplace. We are ready to work on your images 24 /365 day.

Clipping Path

Clipping Path ? Let’s know about it

A Clipping path is called a vector path is used to cut any parts of an image in Photoshop or any image editing software. It is one of the ways of image-editing technique. It will help to isolate a subject from a background. It is applied to cut the subject of an image. Maybe you’re worrying about how to remove background from an image. If you want to set the right background or remove unwanted objects from the image, the clipping path is the best technique. Besides, Unwanted parts of an image can be removed by this method. The best clipping path method is hand-made.

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6-72 hours turnaround

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Skilled team of 200 image editing and retouching experts

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We are maintaining 3 steps quality control process

Clipping Path In e-commerce

In the era of e-commerce products, Photography is the most valuable thing. Clipping path is used to remove the background from product images and that will be good looking for our online website and digital media. In this process, the clipping path will go around the main product to remove the background or change the background as a transparent image.

Clipping image is also known as deep etching and cutout image.

Why "Infotecsourz" for clipping path service?

Image cutout is a time-consuming task. It contains a lot of Photoshop illustration work. It’s not easy to use the clipping on E-Commerce images because of insufficient manpower and time. Fortunately, it’s possible to retouch and clip e-commerce images by outsourcing to a clipping path service provider like Infotecsourz.

Our best clipping path service can save your money and time meanwhile you can also focus on your business and photography. Inotecsourz is ready to take your photo editing workload and able to deliver up to 8000 images per day depending on the complexity of the image.

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Clipping Path Service provider

Let's see the type of clipping path services by image complexity and turn around

Clipping Path Service

Simple Clipping Path Service

A simple clipping path is a service that contains removing background or cut-out image path from a simple image. We use handmade technology and pen tablets to remove background from simple images. We can deliver 10000 simple clipping images per day.

Clipping image is also known as deep etching and cut-out image.

Complex Clipping Path Service

Complex clipping path means photo with complex object removal most of the E-commerce business has a product and use complex clipping path services. Any fur and hair image or product like a bicycle needs to work with many layers and masks. So we called them complex clipping path or clipping path masking. In Infotecsorz we can deliver 5000 complex clipping path images per day.

Background Removal Service by using clipping path

Multiple Clipping Path

Images with multiple objects or multiple paths used to change colors of products part by part are referred to as multiple clipping path services. Please check the images to understand properly.

Our Clipping Path Services Pricing



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Per Image



Per Image

Bulk Order


Per Image

100-1000 images per order

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Per month

1000-12000 images per Month

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Per Year

100000-200000  images per Year

Want to order? How to order?

To order any kind of clipping path at infotecsourz is easier than you think. Just request a quote by selecting multiple services or services you need. You will get an email with a pricing quote within 2-3 hours. If we get your confirmation done. You can also share your images in seconds.

Benefits Of Clipping Path Service

Infotecsourz is a well-known clipping path service provider aspect of graphic design. Businesses would like to show items without a background. These business owners would rather draw attention to items to attract their target customers, and consumers also get a great idea of the product. The most important criteria are experience and expertise. Quality maintenance in the clipping path is another important criterion.

There is a variety of advantages that many service providers offer to their customers by clipping path services. With the clipping tools of Photoshop, the designers can create sites that contain high-impact photos designed to draw in the target consensus. Clipping path service is one of the important parts of graphic design. Online marketers would like to show specific items without a background. These business owners would rather draw attention to items to attract their target customers, and consumers also get a great idea of the product. The Photography world has changed completely thanks to advances in technology.

In the digital imaging aspect, they play the main role of photography. Photo software helps manipulate photos as needed. This ended by making the photography business more lucrative. Thousands of companies that offer services. Many companies offer image clipping path services, but you need to do the right research before you start with a professional photo editing company.

Our Offer:

Premium Quality Hand-drawn clipping paths

24-72 hours turnaround

Clipping path service  8000 Images/day

Multiple quality control process

Unlimited revisions

24/7 Fast Customer Support

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