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Some Important Trends In The Product Photography Industry In 2022

According to December 2021 report, 87 percent of consumers buy product online that they previously bought in stores. For many consumers, the shift to online shopping is permanent. E-commerce businesses must know how to market and sell through this rapidly expanding channel and the importance of quality product photography tips cannot be underestimated. Read on to explore product photography trends and how they will shape marketing and e-commerce in 2022.

What is Product Photography?

Product photography is a type of photography that display products sold for commercial use. The range of these items ranges from jewelry to furniture.

Quality product photography captures your product in an engaging, authentic way. Many businesses choose to shoot a styled product that carries the voice of their brand in their product photography. In other in their product photography. In other cases, companies want to capture their products alone without a style on a clear white background.

Regardless of the type of product photography you are looking for, it is important company that specializes in product photography and is close to current industry trends.

Product Photography you branding strategy essential seven out of ten buyers agree that a brand’s online presence compels them to look for their products in stores. In the same survey, 81 percent of consumers said that quality products carry more weight than brand recognition in their purchasing decisions.

On the other hand, poor product photography can end the consumer’s decision-making process before it hits the ground running. Three out of four online shoppers say bad product photography or too few pictures leave their e-commerce product detail pages because the no 1 content-related factor for e-commerce page bounce.

Hiring professional and proven product photography services drives your success. Infotecsourz delivers exceptional content that attracts buyers, showcases your products and increases your revenue.

Below we share some of the key trends that will shape the product photography industry in 2022 and how you can use these trends to create exceptional and compelling photographs.

Trends Shaping Product Photography Tips

360-Degree Spin Imagery

Spin Photography, also known as 360 degree photography, provides the most efficient, elegant and effective way to showcase your products. Spin imagery lets your customer evaluate the product from all angles as if they are holding it in the hands. In fact, according to Infotecsourz survey, 360 photography has been ranked by online shoppers as the “most helpful” form of product photography.

Viewing a product shot on the 360 provides multiple benefits for your e-commerce endeavor:

Increased Engagement

360 degree photograph keeps a customer on your product page for a long time. Buyers can focus on all aspects of your product from any angle, giving them a better understanding of the item.

More Confidence in the product

360 degree shots give buyers confidence in the product they are buying. There are no hidden aspects, and when a customer has a 360 degree perspective they can better understand the product. This can have a significant impact on product returns.

Increases Sales

For the reason mentioned above, 360 degree product photography increases your e-commerce sales. Top notch product photography not only gives customers an accurate idea of the product they are brand authority, which encourages purchase.

Spin image enhances your branding and provides a more informative shopping experience for your customers. Choosing the right image capture services ensures you are displaying your products in the best light.

Natural Lighting 

The lighting has always provided exceptional results regardless of the subject or purpose of the shoot. But 2022 is seeing on upward trend in natural light in product photography tips.

Using soft light and shadow in your product photography conveys a base, intimate feeling; natural good adds warmth to your shoots. This creates a set that looks like it might be in a buyer’s home and when a consumer identifies with a product, they are more inclined to make a purchase. Shoppers are buying more than products, they are shopping for lifestyle. Sunlight and shade frame your products in a unique way that feels effortless. Many product photographers capture this feeling in addition to the natural light of the sun.

Natural light styling does not require perfect weather. Photographers can replicate this style in the studio with soft, strategic lighting and white reflective elements to soften harsh shadows. Whether you choose to shoot in your studio in the morning sunlight or at night, styling product photography with natural light creates intimacy between your customers and your brand.

Avoid Overediting in product photography tips

Buyers rely on distributors to provide them with the information they need to make an informed purchase decision. This includes publishing the exact product image on the product page.

You need to make some edits as you are taking photos of your product. But when editing confuses the buyer and diverts attention from the product, you’ve done too much. Consumers want to see products like them. Clear, minimal editing reflects sincerity and transparency: important branding element if you want buyers to trust your company.

Your customers can see through highly edited product photographs. Consumers demand authenticity from the brand involved with them. Avoid publishing highly edited images of your product to give consumers an original version of what they are buying.

Augmented Reality Image Capture in product photography tips

AR enables customers to view product in 3D in a real life and real time environment via a smartphone or tablet.

An in store experience doesn’t help customers imagine how the products will fit and look in their home. One of the biggest ways to transform a retailer is to give customers the opportunity to view the product at home before buying.

Allowing a customer to try an item or keep them at home effectively reduces the barrier to purchase and creates a stronger connection with the product. AR is especially helpful for large objects such as furniture that have a hard or long time to return. 360 degree spin images can be used to create high quality 3D models for use in AR environments.

Monochromatic Color Schemes

A growing trend in product photography is to display items in monochrome color Schemes. One color templates are derived from a single color and include different shades, tones and tints of the original color. This difference creates depth and different without being distracted from the product.

Properly styled, this can make a big difference in the image of a monochromatic product. Consumers are attracted to pictures. They are in trend and evoke feeling of luxury and style.

Determine what emotion you want to inspire in your customers. By strategically choosing colors in your product photography, you can convoy the buyer’s feelings and dispositions towards your product and your brand. The psychology of color dictates the direction of your color choice and drives the photography styling of your product.

Yellow brings a feeling of joy, exhilaration and openness to your product page. The red shots symbolize passion and courage. Black, plum and other dark colors give your products a sense of mood, another popular product this year is the trend of photography.

Include Video in Product photography tips

Product photography doesn’t stop at still images. Since consumers are doing most of their shopping online without physically touching or seeing a product, they want the product to look usable and dynamic. While 360 degree spin imagery is great for giving the customer a lot of product details, the video gives a great experience of how to use yourself or a product.

The video on the product pages proves to be irresistibly effective. Most business owners and e-commerce managers surveyed report that product pages increase video conversions. Those same sites increases AOV by about 69 percent.

The product page video helps buyers imagine themselves using your product. According to Forbes, 90 percent of consumers surveyed say product videos help them make purchasing decisions. Incorporating video as part of your product marketing strategy increases sales, reduces returns, and increases interest and satisfaction in your products.

Brands can easily incorporate branded video into e-commerce pages through rich content syndication, which is available on thousands of e-commerce sites worldwide.

Geometric Shapes in product photography tips

Incorporating geometric shapes into the photography of your product marries practically with artistry. Styling your shoots using geometric shapes allows you to create a unique look within the frame.

Geometric styling tells a story with a few simple lines. Consider how a certain size evokes certain emotions and communicates parts of your brand identity:

Squares and Rectangles:

Strong lines and right angles indicate uniformity and create a path for the viewer’s eyes to follow.


The triangle draws the eye to focal point. Use triangles to emphasize the product and bring it to the front of a shot.


Circles contribute to the soft edges of your product photography when they come in contact with the finish and when the layers are added, the round shapes bring the whimsy to a style shoot.

Arrange geometric shapes in a variety of ways when you style your product photography. Each shape can be used to display your products and make them the central point  of your photograph and when you can multiply each shape in one shot, you can use three to work together to create a frame. The multifaceted functionality of genetic props makes this product’s photography trend fun and versatile.


Product Photography busy drive on trend by investing in quality product photography, you take advantage of the fast growing online shopping industry.

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