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Photo Culling – What is it and how to do this?

As photographers, we take 1200 photos but we only provide the client with a fraction of the photos. This leaves us with the tedious task of taking pictures. So what is photo culling? Culling is the process of going through all the images from a suit and choosing the best shots. When photographers are starting out, it can be difficult to figure out what is culling and what is the best practice. This blog will outline what photo culling is and what are the best ways to speed up your photo selection. If you need photo culling service then infotecsourz is here to provide the best quality service as well.

Why photo culling is needed before editing  

What is photo culling to better answer the question? We need to first figure out why you need to finish before you can edit.

Get rid of duplicates

Most photographers will take a good handful of pictures every time you look your camera in the eye. This gives you some images as 100 that your clients do not need. It can thin out your gallery and divert attention from a great image.

Remove objectively bad images

A shooting will always take bad pictures. Nice focus, bad expression, closed eyes. These do not need to go to the client and therefore do not need to be edited!

Save yourself editing time

The more duplicate and objectively bad images you get rid of, the better because you will have less to edit. If you come up with ideas and see them flush them out, it’s really worth it. So it’s important to make your call as accurately as possible!

How to photo culling

Now that we’ve covered why we shoot it’s important to have a good culling process.

Use the fast photo culling tool

Before adding your photos to the lightroom, yet need to cut them off with a lightning-fast, purpose-built, narrative selector-like clinging tool. Reducing the selector-like clinging tool. Reducing the number of images in the lightroom will save you from sorting out unwanted images during the editing process, and it will also prevent the lightroom from getting stuck with unnecessary images.

Narrative selection is lighting fast, meaning there is no load time when you switch between images. It’s also smart. It groups the scenes in the pictures together, allowing you to quickly navigate through your shoot. You can choose to view your images in chronological chrome or rating (that means you’ll end up seeing the worst picture!) In addition, select has a handful of other features that make it a quick click. Eye and Focus Assessment lets you quickly identify whether your subjects are in focus and whether their eyes are open or closed. These means do not waste time on the second guess! Image assessment lets you quickly identify the worst images from your shoot and then hide them, meaning you see 20-30% fewer images per shoot.

Finally, the narrative selection has been optimized to work with lightroom, so it will fit directly into your workflow. So when you have finished picking your best pictures, just press the ‘ship’ button and your color or star-rated pictures will be automatically moved from select to the lightroom with just one click. 

Photo Culling not out

There are two types of cooling methods: “culling in” and “culling out” ‘culling out’ is when you reject images you don’t want, while ‘culling in’ is adding a rating to the images you want to keep. The reason why culling in wants so much of your time is that you choose significantly fewer to reject.

Do a fast cull first, then refine

Second, guessing whether a picture is good or not can be a huge waste of time, star your culling with a “no hesitation method” and select everything usable. If it looks good at first glance, I’ll pick it up. Then go back and add a very good second rating. We hope this answers the question: What is photo culling? Culling out your images before bringing them to your editing tool is going to save you time. Although everyone has their own workflow, unless you find a hard and fast workflow that works for you, you can save yourself a lot of time!

What software do you use to cull your photos?

In all the interviews, it was clear that adobe lightroom was the centerpiece of the wedding photography industry. Although creating a preview in lightroom is a bit slow, most are in favor of lightroom compared to any other software.

A software called PhotoMechanic is also used as an add-on immunity Productivity. The photo machine is definitely designed for culling. Al culling software is used by most event and wedding photographers software still needs to be fast but, again, it depends on your machine and the type of software.

How do you mark your selected photos?

Many photographers use a star rating system while others add flags inside the lightroom with a keyboard shortcut. Although somewhat varied in terms of quality, some mark all of their photographs as a star during the first pass, others believe to have a 5 rating. An exciting trick was: When passing differently, make sure you decide based on only one subject at a time, either yes or no. Either you are trying to select all one star on one side but do not try to multitask.

Streamline The Process By Selecting A System

There are different ways you can choose to shoot and there are different photo culling software that you can use. However, in order to streamline everything, you must stick time when you are doing it for the first time, but if you are stuck in any other process, you will get used to it and it may seem to get easier with time. The same goes for the image culling process, flagging, star rating, and color labeling all work different things for different photographers. Find out what really works for you and stick with it. That way, clinging will not seem like a new or tedious process when you do it.


Photography can be time-consuming and tedious, but as long as you want to avoid it, it is an essential part of post-production and something that saves you a lot of time. However, if you want to accelerate your post-production workflow and move forward in delivering photos to your clients, then photo culling is very important. They have to be edited after taking any kind of pictures but editing all the pictures is time-consuming and expensive. Photo culling is an important service for solving such problems.

You can follow these quick tips to get two photo editing workflows. While we believe that everyone is different and may have a way to shoot them, there are some general guidelines that the best photographers follow to save their time. We have tried to summarize all our culling tips in this post. Filter pixel saves you time by automatically shooting your photos. 

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